Monday, July 16, 2012

Sherri Hill Short Homecoming Prom Dress 2944 is in stock!

Sherri Hill Short Homecoming Prom Dress 2944

Just In!  Sherri Hill Dresses perfect for Homecoming or Fall Fun are in and ready to ship!  Choose from this fun 2944, or select style 2814 or sequin sexy 2771.  Sherri Hill is the top designer of fabulous fresh dresses that are the perfect choice for red carpet runways or quiet dates on the beach.  Homecoming will be a little brighter when you arrive in Sherri Hill Style!  Christina Gowns sells Sherri Hill Dresses faster than they come in so.....Get them while they're available!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sherri Hill Fall Homecoming Dresses 2012 are Posted

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses 2938
For all of you Sherri Hill Dress followers, the long awaited unveiling of the Fall 2012 dress line is done!  It was worth the wait to see the colors, style and detail Sherri Hill would put into this new collection.  What describes the Sherri Hill 2012 Fall Dress Collection?  Fresh, Elegant, Classic, Rich Colors and maybe a little Audrey Hepburn brought up to date?

This beautiful Fall collection will not be shipping until end of August, but is almost guaranteed to sell out early.  If you are wanting one for Homecoming or Holiday Party, get your orders in with Christina Gowns now to ensure you get the Sherri Hill Dress you love.  Sherri Hill collections are among the most anticipated fashion collection for young ladies, and when they are released, they sell quickly.

What are our favorites?  There are so many to choose from, but here are a few that really stand out as fashion forward instead of fashion follower.

The Ultimate Homecoming or Cocktail Dress is the Sherri Hill 2946.  Sexy form-fitted lines with deep V plunge at the bust.  All over sequins and elegant long sleeves.  Stunning and sexy and totally unique.  Sherri Hill also incorporated the sexy plunge on the back.  Dramatic and daring for Homecoming and Holiday parties! Shown below in the Nude/Multi, and also available in Coral/Multi or Turquoise/Multi.

Also a top seller will be the Sherri Hill 2938 for Homecoming.  Christina Gowns loves the Navy/Gunmetal in this chic dress style.  Short skirt with alternating layers, with a belted detail at the waist complete with formal bow.  Sweetheart neckline is enhanced under the sheer overlay adorned with sequins and beads that goes up to the neck.  Sassy and sweet!  Shown above in the Navy/Gunmetal, and also available in Black/Black, Ivory/Silver and Red/Silver.  Not too much and not too little, this dress is just right for Homecoming, Holiday or Party fun!

Christina Gowns is proud to be an authorized retailer for Sherri Hill and guarantees authenticity of all dresses we sell for Fashion Fun!  Shop our complete line of designer formal dresses for Prom, Homecoming, Pageant or Party and find out why our Customer Service is the best.

Sherri Hill Dress 2946 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When Is the Best Time to Buy an Affordable Homecoming Dress?

As the Prom Dress frenzy winds down for 2012, the next question for formal student events is, when should I buy my Homecoming Dress to get the best deal?  In today's budget based economy, getting a great deal on normally expensive Homecoming Dresses is a must.  The answer is, NOW is the best time to buy your inexpensive Homecoming Dress for 2012.

The end of Prom Dress season seems like an odd time to purchase your next formal or semi-formal dress, but here's why.  Most retailers still have stock dresses they want to move, and they start slashing prices towards the end of the prom season to move dresses quickly.  Web retailers and storefronts alike don't want to be stuck with formal dresses that just sit there and look pretty through the hot summer, so they are more willing to offer special discounts, coupons and negotiate a better price on dresses for Homecoming if you are willing to buy now.

Here's the moral of this Formal Dress story, plan ahead and save big.  Don't wait until the last minute to get your dress for Homecoming or you miss the opportunity to save big on formal and informal dresses that are perfect in every way, including your budget!

Christina Gowns is the perfect example of an Authorized Online Prom Dress Website who has your budget homecoming dress in mind.  Hundreds of sale priced dresses perfect for Homecoming, whether you want a fun short style that is sassy and fun, or a more formal long dress style that shows your class and elegance.  Homecoming Dress shopping is so much more fun when you find the bargains at Christina Gowns.
Party Time Formals Zebra Homecoming Dress 6584

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cheaper Pricing for Night Moves Prom Dresses

Night Moves Prom Dresses Discounted Up to 35% for 2012
For all those price conscious prom girls out there who have been waiting to buy the perfect prom dress, the folks at Night Moves Prom Dresses by Allure Bridals have come through in a big way to help ease your prom dress price woes.  As of March 30th, they have lowered prices on hundreds of prom dress styles for 2012, many up to 35%!  That's unprecedented, unexpected and completely amazing.

Night Moves Prom has always been a leader in designing fashion forward prom dresses and prom ball gowns in the most elegant and unique styles, colors and cuts.  Night Moves has variety of styles for prom girls who are looking for formal and long, short and sweet, plus size perfect or modestly beautiful.  Elegant chiffons with grecian goddess pleating are a top seller for Night Moves, and with these lower prices, your prom just got more exciting.

Christina Gowns is proud to be an authorized retailer for Night Moves Prom Dresses, and we encourage you to choose your perfect prom dress before they sell out at these affordable prices.
Night Moves Prom Dress Sale

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sherri Hill Short Prom Dress 1043 Alternative

All right ladies, we know there is a prom dress shortage going on.  It is so difficult to get the dresses you love in time for Prom Night, but Christina Gowns is working hard on alternative choices for you to see and get.  Here's one of the best alternatives yet.

Sherri Hill short blue prom dress 1043 is nearly impossible to get, especially in plus sizes.  We have found the perfect dress if you love this fun style.  Sparkle Prom has dress style 70101, which is so similar it is tough to tell the difference  between the two.  Compare the pictures and you will see they are both super cute, gorgeous color, and perfect for any Prom, Party or Special Event. 

The best thing about the Sparkle Prom Dress 70101 is the price.  This fun dress is only $198.00, perfect for prom on a budget.  In addition, it is ready to ship in sizes 0 through 20.  That's right, Christina Gowns has this cocktail dress in plus sizes.  What more could you ask for?

If you are panicking at the thought that you will never find the Sherri Hill Prom Dress 1043, take our advice.  Sparkle Short Prom Dress 70101 is the perfect alternative Prom Dress at an affordable price.  Find the Best Prom Dresses for Less at Christina Gowns!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sherri Hill Short Prom Dress 1403 in Spring Colors!

Sherri Hill just gave us a prom dress news flash.  Sherri Hill has the new Spring Pastel colors in for style 1403, just in time for prom.  Limited sizes, so order early if you want it.  The Sherri Hill Prom Dress 1403 has been so flattering in the Nude, Aqua and Royal, but the new colors are perfect for sunny Proms with a slight breeze.  Choose this dress in Lime/Silver, Yellow/Silver, Lilac/Silver or Fuchsia/Silver.  The Sherri Hill 1403 Short Prom Dress has a strapless, sweetheart neckline with flirty tulle short skirt.  The best part of this fun dress is the chunky bead work that adorns the corset style bust and waist.  This mix of rocker fun and sassy sweet gives you the ultimate prom dress.  Christina Gowns has your Sherri Hill Prom Dress1403 in the Spring Fling Colors!
Sherri Hill Prom Dress 1403 Spring Colors

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Should I Order a Prom Dress Now?

It's the same every year, Prom Dresses come out and everyone want to see.  Every year they are sexier, galmorous and more elegant than the last.  The oohs and ahhs start up, and everyone looks and looks until they find the perfect prom dress.  Then the disappointment starts, they waited too long to get the prom dress of their dreams, and it is not available.  We see it way too often.

It seems this year the missing prom dress dilemma is even worse.  It's only the end of February, and shipping on special order prom dresses are pushed back to mid to late May or even June, too late for many Prom Girls who have their hearts set on that special Prom Dress.  We at Christina Gowns have never seen shipping dates so late this early in the Prom Season.

What's the solution to this Designer Prom Dress heartbreak?  Shop now, decide now, and get it now.  The stock levels are not going to get any better, so if you love it, get it before it is gone.  Before you rush out and order from a web site that says they can get it when everyone else says they can't, make sure you follow these steps to make sure you are getting the Prom Dress you expect.

1.  Call them, if they don't answer the phone, then there is no one there.  This means if there is no one there now, there probably won't be anyone there if you have a problem with the dress.

2.  Do they offer your designer dress in many colors, offer custom measurements, and the price is too good to  be true?  Then you have probably stumbled upon a "knock off" dress site.  These unethical sites use the designer's copyrighted images to sell you their version of the designer dress.  The quality is poor, the cut is different, and they do not make prom dresses to the same standards the Dress Designers require.  If you are OK with that, then fine.  If your dress doesn't arrive, who will you call?

3.  Make sure you are dealing with an authorized retailer for the dress designer you want.  This can be done easily by checking the designer website, or calling the designer if a phone number is available.

4.  Again, call, call, call, call.  One phone call to the seller can make a huge difference in your satisfaction with the dress and the happiness of your Prom Queen.  Ask questions, take measurements and get all the information you can to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company who knows Prom Dresses and the girls who love them.  We can't stress it enough, one phone call can make or break a Prom.  We at Christina Gowns are always happy to answer questions and offer suggestions and alternatives.  It's what a great seller does, happily.

The Prom Dress shortage is not going to get better this year, but there are alternatives.  The seller you contact may not  be able to get her first choice, but they can and should make recommendations on what might be similar to the style, color, size and availability your Prom Girl desires in her prom dress.  If they won't, move on.  There are lots of legitimate Dress sellers, and tons of beautiful Prom Dresses to choose from.  Make your decision wisely, but don't wait too long to get that Perfect Prom Dress for 2012.